Starting bonus

400 $


  • What are the game rules?

    The rules of the Aviator game are simple: the player places a bet and watches the airplane's flight. The further the plane flies, the higher the winning multiplier. The player can stop the counter at any moment and claim their winnings.

  • What happens if I don't stop the counter and the plane flies away?

    In that case, the bet will be considered lost. This means that the money you wagered will go to the bookmaker.

  • Can I play Aviator Game on mobile devices?

    Yes, the Aviator Game is available on mobile devices. You can also launch it through the Pin Up mobile app.

  • How do I choose the right strategy for playing Aviator?

    Choosing a strategy depends on preferences and risk tolerance. Some players prefer to stop early to guarantee a win, while others like to take risks in hopes of a bigger win.

  • What's the minimum and maximum bet in the Aviator game?

    The minimum bet in the game is 10 INR, and the maximum is 5000 Indian Rupees. The winning amount is unlimited, as the multiplier can be any value.